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on Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:43 pm
The Sun:
A yellow dwarf star. In 223AG explorers discovered a set of deserted cities protected by transparent spheres, connected by magical tethers, and approachable by a tunnel of powerful protective magic. Although no one knows why the cities exist or were abandoned, the Church of Sarenrae quickly re-settled these cities, now known as the Burning Archipelago. The Burning Archipelago is a protectorate of the Pact Worlds, and the rest of the sun is considered a shared holding of all of the Pact Worlds' members. Each city in the Burning Archipelago has its own government.

None of you jamokes have ever visited the Burning Archipelago.

Aballon is a drab gray world with craters, deserts, and mountains. When facing the sun, it is blasted by powerful solar winds, while parts facing away from the sun are covered in ice. A race known only as the First Ones visited Aballon millennia before the Gap and built a massive robotic population to collect the planet's resources. After this race left Aballon, the population evolved and self-replicated into a standalone ecosystem, complete with animal-like robotic predators and prey, and anacites, a sentient race that developed its own complex society.

None of you jamokes have ever visited Aballon

2) Castrovel:
Castrovel is a terrestrial planet in the Pact Worlds system and homeworld to lashuntas, elves, and formians. Castrovel is a warm, verdant world with intense storms, powerful tides, and sprawling jungles and swamplands in which a tremendous variety of life roams freely. The wilderness is kept wild, and the planet's resources harvested sustainably, due to a lashunta desire to allow the same evolutionary processes that created them to develop and improve other life on the planet.

Castrovel's rocky moon is named Elindrae. It has no atmosphere, but it hosts most of Castrovel's shipyards and heavy industries, where the pollution can have no effect on Castrovel's ecological balance.

None of you jamokes have ever visited Castrovel.

3) Absalom Station
Absalom Station is a sprawling, densely inhabited space station filling a similar orbit that the forgotten planet Golarion once held around its sun. Its inhabitants include races native to, or descended from natives of, Golarion, making the station the last relic of the lost planet remaining in the Pact Worlds system. The station is also a focal point of the galaxy due to the Starstone, which makes the station effectively near every place in the galaxy via the Drift.

At five miles in diameter, Absalom Station is a tiny structure compared to the planets and moons of other worlds. It has artificial gravity and relies heavily on recycling. However, it is also a densely populated place that more than 2 million people call home. From above, it is shaped like an asymmetrical six-pointed star, spread across a flat disk with the central habitation zone covered in a dome.

The station is divided into several districts:
The Armada
A flotilla of spaceships, many of them semi-permanent structures comprised of several ships rafted together, form a transient and chaotic neighborhood surrounding the station.[5]
The Arms
Radial arms extend from the station's center and form its many docking bays.[6]
The Ring
Corridors connect the Arms to the central Eye, forming a decidedly middle-class neighborhood.[7]
The Eye
The central dome of the station houses its most upscale residents, largest businesses, and most prominent organizations.[8]
The Spike
Slums and gang warrens fill the space beneath the Eye, extending down to the heavily defended Starstone Reactor.

Rich grew up and lived his whole life on Absalom. You guys all visited it during session 1.

4) Akiton
4th planet, original home to both Adam and Thomas. Economically depressed, corrupt, with a dying mining industry and a lot of industrial wasteland. Adam and Thomas are both very familiar and wanted on Akiton. The rest of you probably haven’t visited.

5) Verces
Verces is tidally locked, causing one side to perpetually bake under the sun (Fullbright) and the other to freeze in its shadow (Darkside). However, the band at the border of the two sides — the Ring of Nations — is not only inhabitable, but is among the most densely inhabited and technologically advanced urban areas of the system.

Liam lived in Fullbright for most of his life. You guys finished session 1 and start session 2 on Verces, in Fullbright.

6) Idari
The Idari is a massive kasathan (4-armed alien guys) generation starship orbiting the Pact Worlds system's sun between Verces and the Diaspora.[1] It originated from the planet Kasatha and travelled the stars toward the Pact Worlds system, where it settled in orbit. The Idari contains massive manufacturing facilities, and builds many types of goods ranging from consumer products to spaceships and starships.

None of you jamokes have ever visited The Idari.

7) The Diaspora
The Diaspora is an asteroid belt with hundreds of small settlements. Some are mining and trading outposts, some are criminal, some are home to organizations/people who want to be relatively free of Pact government control.

Greg might have bounced around The Diaspora. Maybe Chris too, who knows.

Cool Eox
Eox is a dead planet, its atmosphere made toxic in a pre-Gap “accident”. Eoxians used necromancy to survive, and today Eox is dominated by the undead and ruled by the Bone Sages, a cabal of undead sorcerers who are renowned as savvy politicians throughout the Pact Worlds. Eox is the home world for most of the undead in the Pact Worlds system.

You jamokes definitely have never visited Eox.

9) Triaxus
There be Dragons!

None of you jamokes have ever visited Triaxus.

10) Liavara
Gas giant with a few settled moons or something.

None of you jamokes have ever visited Liavara

11) Bretheda
Largest gas giant with lots of settled moons or something.

None of you jamokes have ever visited Bretheda.

12) Apostae
This small planetoid has a highly elliptical orbit, almost perpendicular to Absalom Station. It is generally believed the planetoid originated somewhere beyond the system and was caught in the sun's orbit thousands of years before the Gap. Barren and airless but with a subterranean system settled almost exclusively by Drow.

None of you jamokes have ever visited Apostae.

13) Aucturn
Way out there planet. Weird tales of Lovecraftian madness. Best to steer clear.

None of you jamokes have ever visited Aucturn.
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