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Adam's Ghostbusters Game Empty Adam's Ghostbusters Game

on Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:25 pm
Hey all, just seeing if there is any interest in a Ghostbusters campaign.  I'm reviewing the old West End Games rules now (which are freely available on the web - I believe it is legal to download them as West End Games went bankrupt.  Some of their stuff was bought up by other companies, but to the best of my knowledge, the PDF's are kosher - otherwise I wouldn't bother.)

The nice thing about the old West End Games rules is they are minimalist.  They don't bother with rules for things we use all the time in D&D/Pathfinder.  That should increase the likelihood that I'll be able to run anything on a semi-regular basis.  There is also the possibility that I will make my own rules (and I will almost certainly have a few house rules).  It's also possible that I will tweak the rules between sessions if there is something I don't like, but mostly I want to focus on the campaign and keep the rules out of the way.

IF you are interested, just give me an idea of the kind of game you'd like to see.  Would you like to play the original character's or be part of the franchising that Dr. Venkman eagerly describes in the first movie?  I'm assuming that Bob would be interested in this campaign, so I would try to find a time to run it around his schedule.
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