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on Sun Jun 24, 2018 2:53 am
Adam: You're playing a Ysoki (rat people) mechanic outlaw. Ysoki have spread pretty thoroughly throughout colonized space and their origins are a little unclear, but most likely they originate from the planet Akiton. Akiton is the 4th planet in the Pact system and is kind of Mars-esque. Once thriving, it has sunk into economic and social chaos. It is a rough planet, much of it is untamed and the civilized areas are just as dangerous as the wastelands between. It's only real business is Thasteron mining (refined to make the sub-light fuel used by starships), the rich own the mines and hoard the wealth, and everyone else is either penny-less laborers or criminals. Your character saw the many injustices this created and began his Robin Hood escapades, making some enemies among Akiton's upper circle. In the process you met...

Thomas: a human soldier scholar. Thomas is also native to Akiton and too smart and scientifically gifted for such a shit hole planet. Born poor and in a shitty mining town (read, no public education), the only chance for advancement was to "volunteer" to join the mining company's legion of armed thugs and parade as law enforcement. You were eventually transferred to one of Akiton's larger cities, affording you the chance to study some science in your free time. You became pretty disillusioned with corruption on Akiton and on one fateful patrol chose not to apprehend a certain Ysoki who you caught hacking a autonomous armored vehicle (carrying piles of cash) and rerouting it to deliver the company cash to the city's poor district. You and Adam partnered up from there, bought a starship, and got off that shitty planet. Your first step was to visit Verces, 5th planet from the sun, and there you met...

Liam: a Shirren (bug people) soldier. Verces is a tidally locked world with a habitable zone along the equator, a frozen wasteland called Darkside, and a scorched also wasteland called Fullbright. The native Verthani living in the habitable zone are highly advanced and forerunners of cybernetic augmentation technology. Adam is quite interested in augmentation and wanted to come to Verces to learn more about it. What he learned is that it is fucking expensive. While on Verces they met Liam. While Shirren are also found throughout the galaxy and are not originally from this solar system, their closest thing to a home base in the Pact system is in the Fullbright section of Verces. Liam spent a lot of time there but eventually wanted to learn more about the rest of the galaxy. The Shirren are evolved from an insectoid hive mind called The Swarm, a terrifying force that devours every planet it reaches to feed a cycle of endless consumption, and Liam is determined not to let the horror of The Swarm devour his adopted home. He chose to leave Verces to learn more about the galaxy that has taken him in and is also in great peril, whether they know it or not, as The Swarm inevitably approaches. He feels he can do some good in the galaxy and prepare it for the coming onslaught. So he joined Thomas and Adam and a party began to form. They did some honest jobs, earned some honest pay, and on one fateful day (or evening, whatever) while cruising through space between worlds they quite literally ran into...

Greg: an Android mystic spacefarer. I'm not sure how much of Greg's personal backstory he will choose to share, but he was quite literally riding a missile (like the end of Dr. Strangelove) through the void when it collided with a slow moving shuttle containing you all. Capable of surviving in the void, Greg casually rode along outside the fuselage until the shuttle reached orbit around Absalom Station. Absalom Station is like an orbiting super city, chaotically busy, and despite all the traffic still home to plenty of crime. Some sleazy scrappers hoping for easy parts got the drop on you and boarded the shuttle and might have killed you all if a certain Android taking a nap on the starboard wing didn't bother to intervene. He was handy in a fight, used some mystic powers to heal a few wounds, had a great sense for piloting, and saw some value in joining up with a crew that might soon take some jobs that sent them off into unknown parts of the galaxy. So now there were 4 of you, plus one shuttle, plus a very rusty light freighter that until recently used to belong to some lowly scrappers. You descended to Absalom Station in search of work and met...

Rich: a human envoy icon. Rich has lived his whole life on Absalom Station. He's a media personality of sorts, host of his own shock 'journalism' talk show that is basically the equivalent of a looney's rambling youtube channel, but his moxie and persuasiveness has gained him a small but growing viewership. He specializes in conspiracy theories and reverse prophecy, but Rich realized that he's a small fish in a big pond and needs to find a way to stand out. There's a thousand guys just on Absalom Station doing what he does who never leave their parents' basements. To be a credible crazy talking head he needs to be out there, in the void, where the action is, discovering and exposing the truth behind the Great Space Whale saga, the Reptilion doppleganger conspiracy, the vast necro-farms on two of Liavara's moons supplying bodies for the undead hordes, or whatever other nonsense he totally made up. He met the 4 of you on Absalom as you tried to trade in your 2 inadequate ships, used his impressive wit and skills to negotiate with the used ship dealer and ultimately got you a better deal (aka, you current ship), and made a compelling argument for why he should be captain.

While looking for work on Absalom Station the Android bumped into someone on the street. That someone's friend didn't like him, and he didn't like him either. A dust-up ensued and Chris (race and class to be determined) totally helped you guys kick ass, and seemed pretty cool, so he stuck around too. Chances are your ship can only comfortably seat 6 (unless you bought a big ship, in which case 6 is the minimum crew you need to fly the damn thing), so with Chris on board it seemed like a good time to stop recruiting random dudes to your team. Through some connections of Rich's you met up with a Lashunta (telepathic alien guys) who was a member of the Xenowardens (basically space PETA). He offered a job that was a step up for you guys but appealed to the crew. It was not quite criminal, but not quite legal, paid well, seemed to be for a good cause, and might not even result in any casualties if you did it right. So you took the job, and the game will start pretty much in the middle of said job.

As I said before, there are basically 14 "locations" in the solar system (planets, etc), and you guys have definitely not been to all of them. Collectively the group is familiar (to varying degrees) with Absalom Station, Verces, and Akiton. Your jobs to date (which really only included Adam, Thomas, and Liam) have been more on the mundane side and would not have taken you beyond the first few planets in the system (and definitely not beyond the asteroid belt know as The Diaspora, which is the 7th 'planet' in the system). You would all be aware of and have a cursory knowledge of all the planets in the system, most just name and a general description really, but we can cover that in session.

There's also basically an infinite number of factions based on religious, corporate, political, social, and other causes. Many have a presence on the most populated worlds, so you'd be generally familiar with the major ones. I noted the Xenowardens, who are space PETA and gave you a job. Others of interest to the party might include: the Android Abolitionist Front (pretty much what it sounds like, they oppose subjugation of androids as well as, depending on their level of fanaticism, other forms of slavery and control over artificial beings and intelligences), the Augmented (advocates for technology-driven evolution), the Free Captains (space pirates!!!), the Starfinder Society (kind of a scholarly collection of galactic explorers), and the Stewards (Pact system interplanetary police force). And there's plenty more.
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